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Strikeforce Fighters: Not Afraid of the Open Bar

jason-mayhem-millerSaturday night’s Strikeforce: Nashville on CBS definitely did not live up to the hype.  Sure, our boy took down Mousasi in the upset of the night, but the rest of the event was a snoozefest.

That was, until the final bell sounded. Without warning, Jason “Mayhem” Miller pounced into the ring and started a mid-interview brawl with Jake Shields, the winner of the previous bout, challenging him to a rematch.  It wasn’t long before CBS cut to commercial, but we were able to see a little bit of bare-fisted action.

This sorta thing shouldn’t be surprising coming from a group of guys who are paid to inflict pain on each other.  But if this is how Mayhem Miller acts on national TV, what’s he like at an open bar?

Does anyone else appreciate the irony of watching a fight get broken up in a place built only for fighting? That’s like someone pulling you off the toilet while you’re mid-crap.

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  1. Barbara Barron says:

    Where is the handsome dark haired young man???? The one with all the enthusiasm and great language skills??????

  2. gus says:

    I enjoy this kind of fighting these guys give it all they got

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