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Interstate Stalking: An Erin Andrews Story

“Stalk this, bitch!”

With Michael Barrett’s sentencing taking place in Los Angeles today, one of the most talked about sports stories of 2009 finally comes to an end. The 48 year-old insurance executive, who plead guilty to “interstate stalking” after shooting nude peephole videos of ESPN’s Erin Andrews in her hotel room, faces a 27-month prison sentence.

We’re not lawyers, so there isn’t much we can provide to Mr. Barrett in the way of jurisprudence. But bringing in your closest friends to vouch for your character has proven time and again to be a successful tactic.

If Sonny Koufax’s buddies can convince the court that he’s fit to be a father, Barrett’s friends should have no problem convincing a judge that taping Andrews naked is understandable, nay, warranted.

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