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The Real Fight Club

MMA-New-YorkIf you’re not familiar with No Mas, then you’re missing out.  A few months ago, we caught wind of their brilliant cartoon about the no-hitter that Doc Ellis threw while tripping on acid, and we’ve been fans of their work ever since.

From their animated shorts to their live-action documentaries, these guys know how to tell a story.  So we couldn’t help but highlight their latest, a short piece that gives us a glimpse into the Underground Combat League, a secret organization of NY-based fighters that compete despite the fact that MMA is still illegal in the state.

For more information, check out the No Mas website.

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  1. antonio mojica says:

    just watching your video i would like to join your ucl gym plz get back to me thanks alot.

  2. Chris Smith says:

    Hello im chris “The Silk” smith and im am currently in my last year of high school and also in the prosess of trying to become a pro Mma fighter. It is very hard for me beacuse of my financess I mainly train out side with serverl of people I know. My current stats are 7–0 I am very cruious about testing what I know to an more advenced fighter. I am currently 180lbs undefeeted and hungry I wake up to mice and roches almost every day this is no way for a person to live and my mom can only do so much so plese get back in contact with me and mabe we can work something out..1(347)842‑5479 chris

  3. John Warren says:

    I am looking to schedule a fight. If you can help make this happen, contact me at 570–423-4835. Thank you.

  4. DeNez Jones - Bahamas says:

    My name is DeNez Jones and I am the founder of the Caribbean Fight Order — a recently established professional MMA league based out of Nassau, Bahamas. We made history by hosting the first pro-fight on April 11th. Highlight clips are posted on the CFO’s facebook profile page. I would like to discuss the possibility of networking and co-hosting our next event. We are looking to host a fight on August 1st, here in Nassau, which will be a holiday weekend for us in The Bahamas. This is an opportunity for you guys to host Legal-fights without needing sanctioning or a license. My phone contacts are (242)394‑7328 — office / (242)429‑6810

  5. Robert Savage says:

    im a 21 year old fighter and would love to be involved in one of your fights so i can test were my skills r at. 516–943-4235

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