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In the Locker: Fun with Favre, Nash the Businessman, and Derrick Rose Dunks

Brett-Favre-Interception-FailWhat’s your favorite season crippling Brett Favre interception? (Major League Jerk)

Favre’s final moments…in gif form. (Intentional Foul)

Vernon Davis channels his inner Troy Polamalu. (PSAMP)

Better value: 2 lbs. of weed? Or a 5.0 Mustang? (Hail Mary Jane)

Evidently, Brett Favre missed the memo. (Moondog Sports)

Four reasons you shouldn’t be surprised about the Vikings’ loss. (Midwest Sports Fans)

Think again, pranksters. (In Game Now)

A hilarious Doritos commercial from the man behind the 275 lb. Fullback Baby. (Knuckles United)

What would you do if your favorite player stole a bunch of your crap? (Buster Sports)

Steve Nash graces the cover of Fast Company. (Blogs With Balls)

A transaction involving the best name in all of Major League Baseball. (7th Inning Stache)

Derrick Rose delivers a serious facial. (The Hoop Doctors)

What’s with all of this Favre bashing? (Fansided)

Since dictionaries contain dirty words, they are hereby banned. (Guyism)

Can’t a Cuban have an ice cream cone in peace? (Big Smudge)

This is what happens when you don’t know your role. (The Puck Doctors)

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