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March Madness: What Can $1.8 Billion Buy You?

PhotobucketPhotobucketAs Challenger, Gray & Christmas announced last week in their annual report on workplace productivity losses during March Madness, the first week of this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament is likely to cost our economy $1.8 billion. But we here at the GSF aren’t part of the solution-we’re proud to be part of the problem.


So just what does that kind of coin buy you? From cars to lap dances to recreational drugs, there’s plenty of options of how to blow through a cool $1.8 billion. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

1.) 25,317 Houses in Detroit — There goes the neighborhood…

2.) 20 million pairs of Nike Sneakers — And 8 million Chinese toddlers will be diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.

3.) 2.25 billion pounds of chicken — 2 billion pounds later, it will really taste like chicken.

4.) 3600 Maybach 62S’s — We hear MC Hammer has some space in his garage.

5.) The next 6 sequels to Avatar (at $300 million a pop) — And if you’re financing these flicks, make sure to push for some Na’vi full frontal in there…

6.) 4,511,278 8GB iPhones – It’s way cheaper to buy data plans in bulk.

7.) 200 million cases of Natty Light — ‘Nuff said.

8.) 180,000 Vietnamese mail order brides — Eat your heart out, Bill Henrickson…

9.) 3,321,033 Autographed Peyton Manning jerseys — And every time he signs one, he’s obligated to yell “Thank you, sir, may I have another?!”

10.) 180 million buy-ins to your office pool (at $10 a pop) — No way Rick from accounting is winning this year…

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