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QB vs. Blogger: The Video

Stafford-Gatorade-1A few weeks ago, when we told you that the GSF’s very own Henry Lowenfels would be facing off against Detroit Lions QB Matt Stafford in a fitness challenge, most of you thought we were joking.

Someone who achieved his athletic pinnacle on the high school wrestling mat and spends his day in front of a computer couldn’t possibly stand a chance against a starting NFL Quarterback, right?

Well, that’s why they play the game…

Thanks to Gatorade for allowing Henry to humiliate an NFL Quarterback in their fitness lab, and to Yardbarker​.com for setting up the showdown.

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Comments (6)

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  1. Barbara Barron says:

    Awesome! Love that blogger.…gotta love that blogger!!!!

  2. Stafford’s body language made him look like a kid that got a bad birthday present.

  3. Ciaran says:

    Next event: Keg lift. Followed by breaking flying plates with footballs.

    Nice work GSF. As a huge Stafford fan, I just hope such antics aren’t the highlight of his professional career.

  4. Geason says:

    Did you take into account that you were going up against a guy with a bum knee who had just had surgery a fews before?

    The blogger also left out a small, important fact. He’s a three-time long marathon runner. LOL

  5. Ha. So what time were out until last night?

  6. Henry, Matt Stafford may have had knee surgery not too long ago, but still, you look flatout more fit than him physique-wise.

    I’m curious about your workout regimen. Professional athlete or not, I know from experience and observation that you just don’t mess with the daily fitness warrior.

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