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QB vs. Blogger: The Photos

As you know, our very own Henry Lowenfels faced off against Lions Quarterback Matt Stafford yesterday in the Gatorade fitness lab here in Miami.  We filmed the whole thing, and we’ll be releasing some videos in the next few days, but for now, you can see some of the action in the photos below.

And since you’re no doubt wondering who won, the lowly Stafford was no match for Lowenfels.  In the end, the Lions QB compared the blogger to the one and only Lance Armstrong.  Enough said.


One of the Gatorade scientists explains the process to Lowenfels and Stafford.


Stafford requested that Lowenfels give a urine sample because he was afraid he was juicing.


Henry models his compression shorts and sweater chest before stepping into the “bod pod.”


Stafford sucks in his gut and steps on the scale.


Stafford steps into the “bod pod” to have his body fat tested and sheepishly asks the technician to keep the results private.


A serious Lowenfels gets his body fat tested. 8% fat, 92% heart.


Best abs we’ve ever seen on a blogger…


Stafford gets on the bike, with an apparatus calculating his oxygen and carbon dioxide emissions. Is he out of breath already?


Lowenfels starts his workout. Look at that form!


According to gatorade scientists, perspiration is a sign that your body is in good condition. A glistening Lowenfels agrees.


Stafford tries to pretend like he’s not completely exhausted following his workout.


Before the results are revealed, a confident Lowenfels gives Stafford a slap on the ass.


Scientist to Stafford: “Dude, you just got worked.”


Scientist to Lowenfels: “You are truly a physical specimen.”


Lowenfels gives Stafford a few pointers on getting in shape.


In the end, though, Stafford took it like a man.

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  1. toby says:

    nice work, hairy heart!

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