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In Defense of Gynecology

QBGYN: At your Service

QB-GYN: At your Service

When we heard about the curious case of Mackenzie McCollum, a pregnant high school volleyball player in Texas who’s been forbidden to play, we thought we’d check in with the resident gynecologist here at the GSF, the distinguished Dr. Leavenworth, to get some professional insight.

As usual, Dr. L had some very strong opinions on the matter:

“Let’s not weigh this down this medical jargon: the girl’s being crucified because a bunch of Texan parents are fed up with their kids rubbin’ skin in the backseat of the family sedan. But you can’t ignore the facts: exercise relieves pelvic pressure, and Miss McCollum is perfectly healthy. And what truly disturbs me is the anger that’s been expressed toward my gynecological colleague, who cleared her to play.

As a successful QB-GYN for over 27 years now, I can tell you that this is a profession that requires quick decisions and the ability to think ‘outside the box.’ And if you allow the crowd noise to distract you from your gameplan, you’ll never reach paydirt.”

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