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Goodell Gets Gutted

Maxine Waters has always been an outspoken woman, and since her entry into politics, she’s racked up the headlines. Whether it’s claiming that the CIA was responsible for the crack cocaine trade or referring to the ’92 LA Riots as a ‘rebellion,’ the girl’s never shied away from confrontation. So when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sat in front of Congress yesterday to talk about the league’s policy on head injuries, Mrs. Waters decided to bend the man at the head of an $8 Billion empire over her knee, Elvis-style:

Via Politics Daily:

Roger, Ill beat your &*%*#! ass!!

I’ll beat your &*%*#! ass, Roger!!”

“We have heard from the NFL time and time again. You’re always studying. You’re always trying. You’re hopeful. But…I know you do everything you possibly can to hold on to those profits, (and) I think the responsibility of this Congress is to take a look at that antitrust exemption you have and, in my opinion, take it away.”

Are these the words of a crusader for justice or a militant female? It’s not easy to tell.

As the wife of a former NFL player, perhaps Waters knows what it’s like to conduct a conversation entirely in grunts. No one can blame her if she’s looking to protect others from having to eat nightly meals through a straw. But on the other hand, she could just be another embittered resident of Los Angeles who yearns for the NFL to return to the City of Angels…Schwarzenegger be damned.

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