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Living the College Dream

There’s a lot to get excited about during March Madness: buzzer beaters, upsets, the Cinderella teams. If nothing else, it’s a nice contrast to the NBA in that teams actually play defense, and the referees swallow their whistles.

But there’s also something about the NCAA tournament that reminds every red-blooded American youth of their own college experience. Whereas in the NBA, most guys look in prime condition (Brian Scalabrine being the most obvious exception) — during March Madness, we get a look at players who more often resemble the everyday college student, imperfections and all:

1) Lucas O’Rear, Northern Iowa – Reminiscent of the frat brother who drank box wine and had a nickname that referenced some beast of burden, like “Ox.” Routinely got so drunk that he would soil his bedsheets. Bears resemblance to the O’Doyle Family.

2) Omar Sanham, St. Mary’s — that giant foreign student of ambiguous ethnicity. Loved X-box and black leather shoes. Routinely heckled by other students with cries of “HEY YOU GUYS!” due to his uncanny resemblance to Sloth from The Goonies.

3) Steven Gray, Gonzaga — A cool guy but insanely meticulous about his hair care. Had some hidden talent, like playing the oboe. Would magically appear at your door everytime a joint was lit, asking “Y’all bunnin’?”

4) Jon Jaques, Cornell University – Engineering student who you always ran into in the laundry room. When everyone else moved off campus, he became an R.A. and hung out only with his ugly girlfriend. Wore socks w/sandals.

5) Jordan Davidson, Duke University — Proud captain of the Tennis team. Outfit of choice included pennyloafers and a popped collar. Had an inexplicably hot girlfriend who apparently didn’t think he was a douchebag.

And starting this Friday, the GSF will be in Salt Lake City to provide on-the-ground coverage of the West Regionals of the NCAA Tournament, courtesy of Championand the great folks at Yardbarker. Be sure to watch out for new original videos from us and some other blogging heavyweights here.


Courtesy of our friends at CBS Sports.

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  1. That is definitely one of the great things about March Madness. You definitely see overachievers that seem closer to yourself.

    Great post (and funny to boot)!

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