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The Bowl Chimpionship Series 2009

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: the BCS Championship is here.

From the media’s obsession with Tebow to the surprising demise of USC, the 2009 season has been a wild ride. And don’t even get the Chimps started on Boise State…

From the beginning of the year, CEO Harold Billingsworth knew that the BCS Committee needed a swift kick in the ass, and not just because Barack Obama wouldn’t stop flapping his mouth “hoping” that “change” would bring about a playoff system. So before the first rankings were released, Harold brought in some new blood: a female chimp named Kelly, who had some assets that the other committee members didn’t possess.

With the Gators’ early season dominance, the Committee was in clear agreement about who was #1. The only question was who would fill the #2 spot: Texas or Alabama.

As the season progressed, Harold hired a secretary to help with the heavy workload. Unfortunately, she was more of a distraction than anything else.

With several undefeated teams still in the mix, the Committee had only one choice: to bring back “Old Reliable.”

As the season dragged on, some members of the Committee were more interested in chasing tail than crunching the numbers.

Week in and week out, there still wasn’t much changing in the BCS Rankings. And post-Thanksgiving, there were some members who still felt like they were on vacation.

Finally, the Committee was faced with a decision, and to help make the right choice, Harold brought in his spiritual guru, Dr. Humphrey.

For more coverage of the BCS National Championship Game, check out the Gunaxin Sports Blog Bowl.

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  9. mrjack says:

    that makes about as much sense as the current system, hilarious!

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