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BCS Headquarters — Selection Sunday

GSF09__019-1It’s hard to believe that another regular season is in the books for the BCS Committee.  From dealing with the pesky non-conference teams, to hitting the bottle when the season started to drag, the Chimps have had another wild ride. And who can forget the addition of the lovely new secretary, Jenny.

But yesterday was the big day: Selection Sunday.  And to help make the final decisions, the Committee’s CEO, Harold, brought in his guru: the esteemed Dr. Humphrey.

Gotta love how TBS plays their annual Facts of Life marathon every Selection Sunday…

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  2. beverly mangold says:

    the bcs is full of crap. they have protected precious florida and tebow again. cincinnati casnt stop anyone from scoring and they know it. tcu was 3rd after florida loss and cincy was 4th they should have played each other and florida should be playing boise state. but a lot of them live in florida. the officials were suspended for all the bogus calls against arkansas because they didnt want florid beaten. florida didnt play real good teams but the sportswriters love them. it was good to see their hero tebow cry after the game.

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