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All Hail Bill Hancock: College Football Postseason Czar!

Last week, Sports Illustrated’s Dan Patrick sat down with Bill Hancock, the former director of the NCAA basketball tournament who was recently named the executive director of the BCS system, for yet another mind numbing conversation about the BCS.

“Hi! I’m Bill Hancock!”

Patrick asked, “Why not have a final four where three of the bowls determine the national champion?”  Hancock responded eloquently:

“You know, I hear you, Dan, but the fact is, the bowl experience would not be the same.  Great example: We were in Miami getting ready for [the Orange Bowl], and a Virginia Tech player injured his ankle riding a Jet Ski.  [Another time in Miami], an NFL team came in for a playoff game.  They arrived on Saturday night, had their dinner, got up the next morning, played, and went home.  We’ve got college students at the beach for a week riding Jet Skis in our bowl system; on the other hand, you’ve got these NFL players there for 11 hours, playing the game and going home.  Our experience is a lifetime experience, and it’s much better.”

Now doesn’t that make perfect sense?  In the current system, players have the chance to jerk around for a week, having fun, maybe even getting injured.  In a playoff format, it would be all about the competition on the field. And who wants that?

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  1. mike says:

    why did college football suck so bad this year. Sure ESPN and the average SEC turned everyone off, but true fans could care less. The commissioner cares nothing about lining the SEC pockets.

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