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Now you’re all in big, big trouble…

It seems a bit surprising that Stephon Marbury is shipping off to China to join the Chinese Basketball Association’s Shanxi squad.  But when you really think about it, this is a no-brainer for Coney Island’s finest.

Here, the guy’s a washed up ne’er-do-well known more for his antics on twitter than his jumpshot. If he had landed a starting job again in the NBA, it would be like a reality TV star landing a role opposite Meryl Streep. But in China, Starbury shouldn’t have a problem with the competition (or selling shoes).  Fellow troublemaker Bonzi Wells was on the Shanxi team last season, and he routinely dropped 50 points a game…until he got bored with it all and didn’t return from a vacation. No, seriously.

So what’s Marbury’s life about to be like?  It’ll go from something like this:

to this:

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