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¡Ay Dios Mio! ¡Viva Pau!

I learned this stretch in Barcelona...

“I learned this stretch in Barcelona…”

With everyone focused on the almighty Kobe Bryant for draining yet another game-winning jumper last night, the return of Pau Gasol has come with little fanfare. And despite the fact that Pau pulled down a career-high 22 rebounds yesterday and has 78 boards in the past four games, no one on the Lakers has batted an eye. In the NBA, the rich just get richer.

But from the moment Pau was stolen dealt for Kwame Brown, we here at the GSF knew that the slender Spaniard was going to make a splash in the multi-cultural melting pot that is Los Angeles. And since he put on the purple and gold, his game has proven to be as big, if not bigger, than his considerably large adam’s apple…and that’s saying something.

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    This post was mentioned on Digg by tlow1184: Those Spaniards can really host a party! Pau’s steady diet of chorizo and murcia keep him strong. His attitude on the floor is as smooth as his flamenco dancing. …

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