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Sixth Man of the Day: Stephen Curry

What a respectable young man.

What a respectable young man.

Whatever happened to the idea of being cool?  And why’s everybody gotta be so damn hard these days?

In the 70s, you had Barry White smiling at his fans and Walt “Clyde” Frazier gracing NBA arenas with his smooth play and even smoother vocal stylings. But these days you’ve got Jay-Z trying to scare the shit outta you, and Allen Iverson more concerned with his tough-guy image than his team’s record.

Steve Harvey’s had enough:

So what would Steve Harvey think about today’s NBA players?  He’s gotta be counting his lucky stars that there are guys like Stephen Curry, whose game and conspicuous lack of tattoos harken back to the old school players of yesterday. Dell done raised that boy right.

Keep up the good work, Stephen.  You’re making middle-aged black men everywhere extremely proud.

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