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A Savage Southpaw…with a tender side.

He might be all smiles outside of the ring, but on Saturday night Manny Pacquaio proved that inside the ropes, he’s one of the fiercest, most punishing boxers that has ever lived.

While many of the so-called experts were picking Miguel Cotto to take down the smaller Pacquiao, by the end of the third round, as blood dripped from Cotto’s nose, it was clear that Pacman was in control.  By the 12th round, Cotto was so badly bruised and battered that his (extremely large-mouthed, but still smoking hot) wife and young son had already left their seats, and the a TKO was declared, putting Cotto out of his misery.

You gotta respect a fighter who has fun, represents those struggling in is homeland of the Philipines, and shamelessly rocks such a dirty moustache…but Pacman’s skills extend beyond boxing.  He’s also an award winning singer who’s had two albums go platinum in the Philippines.  And not only that, but Pacquiao was so confident that he’d beat down Cotto on Saturday night that he scheduled  a concert at Mandalay Bay not two hours after his fight was supposed to end.

In case you missed him on Saturday, check out his crooning on Kimmel:

A true rennaissance man, Pacquiao’s even stated that after his boxing career ends, he’ll be entering into politics. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t vote for a president that can beat ass like this?

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  2. ark says:

    Wow, Cotto’s wife is pretty.

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