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The New Havana Red

chapman-a-get-011011-306Are we the only ones confused by the Reds’ recent signing of Cuban defector and potential star left-hander Aroldis Chapman?

Let’s break it down. The Reds are certainly not frontrunners and definitely aren’t money-whipping anyone out of the way to land a player. So could all the hype that’s surrounded this child of Fidel be wrong? If Chapman is as good as they say, why didn’t the Yankees, the Red Sox, or either of the teams in Florida — the state that has a significant Cuban minority — get involved in the bidding?

One thing we do know is that Aroldis didn’t choose Cincinnati for its charm. Sure, the Castro regime may have suppressed a basic human right here and there, but Havana is still a beautiful city, and at least their health care system works. Plus, Cubans are just a colorful people; they drink good liquor, they smoke the finest cigars, and they dance. Lord, how they dance.

Different day. Different store. Same dancing guy.

Best of luck, Aroldis. We’ll be thinking of you when the seasonal floods of the Ohio river happen.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by joshqpublic: RT @TheGSF: Cincinnati will make Aroldis Chapman yearn for the oppression that he knew in Cuba. http://​su​.pr/​2​n​x​5uq #sblog #mlb #reds…

  2. Cat says:

    Seriously, you write about baseball? You certainly know nothing about it.

    Why don’t you try doing some research before you open your mouth? Take a look at the young players Cincinnati has and the depth of the farm system.

    Have you ever been to Cincinnati?

    Miami WAS in the bidding, moron.

    Ever heard of a guy called Walt Jocketty? Yeah, the one who ran the Cardinals that appeared in two World Series in this decade. Won one them. Made his team a staple of the postseasons of the aughts. I think he’d know what he was doing over some lowly blogger.

    Get a life.

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